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“…President Roosevelt using the vast power of his office, finally succeeded in involving the United States in war with Japan, to the furtherance of his ultimate goal: America’s entrance into the European war. As Clare Luce said, he lied us into war with Germany through the back door.”  (p.3)

“The textbook reason for our entrance into World War II is the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. The facts, as they have come to light since then, prove otherwise.President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull sent a deliberate war ultimatum to Japan ten days before Pearl Harbor. The message : Get your army, navy, air force, and police out of Vietnam and Manchuria (China). This left the Japanese the choice of either committing suicide, surrendering, or fighting.”  (p.3-4)

“It is of historical importance to trace the events of December 6, the day before Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt had received from Japan the decoded answer to his war ultimatum. After reading it, he turned to Harry Hopkins and said. “This means war.” The President, as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, should then have notified our officers in Hawaii and the Philippines, which he failed to do. Why? It can only be assumed that he did not want to stop an attack by the Japanese on the U.S. By then, the White House knew the Japanese fleet was moving toward Pearl Harbor. Had we been prepared to repel Japan’s attack, FDR’s excuse for getting us into the World War might have been lost. Not a single member of Congress had the slightest knowledge of the war ultimatum, Japan’s response, or the subsequent cover up. To this day, many Americans still either do not know or refuse to face the truth.”  (p.5-6)

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