Detailed Contents:

As the title “Comfort Women and Sex in the Battle Zone” shows, this book presents an overview on the sex life of soldiers in the battle zone across countries and over time. Within this context, the current “comfort women issue” is discussed. The following chapters are included:

  1. The Comfort Women Issue “Explodes”
  2. Japan’s Licensed Prostitution System
  3. In Manchuria and on the Battlefields of China
  4. Along the Pacific Front
  5. “Battle Zone Sex” Around the World
  6. Personal Stories of the Comfort Women
  7. The Confabulations of Yoshida Seiji
  8. From the Kono Statement to the Coomaraswamy Report
  9. Spread of Misconceptions about Comfort Women to the International Community
  10. Merits and Demerits of the Asian Women’s Fund
  11. Five Points of Contention: Q&A
  12. Comfort Women in the Battle Over History
  13. Three Point Suite: The Facts about South Korea’s Comfort Women, 1945-2015.

One of the five questions raised in Chapter 11 was “Were comfort women forcibly abducted?” the author concludes his analysis with a quote from a Korean prisoner of war in the Pacific in the summer of 1944. In response to a U.S. Military interrogator, he stated:

“All Korean prostitutes that PoW have seen in the Pacific were volunteers or had been sold b their parents into prostitution. This is proper in the Korean way of thinking but direct conscription of women by the Japanese would be an outrage that the old and young alike would not tolerate. Men would rise up in a rage, killing Japanese no matter what consequence they might suffer.”

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